Self Watering Seed Success kit 24



Seed Starter Kit Self-Watering Propagation System with 24 Cells

This kit helps to provide seeds and seedlings with the perfect environment for a good growing start. Using this kit can avoid the most common causes of failure such as a lack of water or damping off. The self-watering mechanism uses capillary action, so no power is required, and the kit is completely portable. Instead of using the cell tray you can place plant pots or seed trays (with holes in the base) onto the matting, to maintain regular, bottom watering.

How the self-watering system works

The growing tray contains 24 cells and is held above a reservoir of water on a raised platform which is covered in capillary matting. The soil in the cells draws water up from the capillary matting, to provide moisture for the seeds and seedlings. The reservoir can supply water for about 5-10 days, so it will need to be topped up every so often. The capillary matting should be placed with one end into the reservoir, and soil in the cells needs to be in touch with the matting, for the capillary action to work correctly. When it is in use it is best not to allow the matting to dry out too much; if the matting looks to be drying out, gently remove the cell tray and matting and re-moisten the matting before replacing it. Then replace the cell tray. If the soil in the cells looks to be too wet, then remove the matting for a day or two so that the soil can dry out, but don’t allow it to become too dry. Lift the cell tray every 3-4 days to prevent roots growing into the matting.

Before use

Before using the capillary matting soak it first, by placing it in a tray or bowl of water. If the water is not soaking in very well, then a small amount a detergent can be added to the water. The cell tray should be filled with moist compost and pressed down sufficiently so that the soil comes into contact with the matting.

After use

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the trays are can be re-used year after year. After use the reservoir tray and cell tray can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The support platform and clear cover are not dishwasher safe and will need to be washed in warm, soapy water. The matting should last for 2-3 years, after which it can be replaced. After use it can be soaked in a diluted bleach solution, rinsed and allowed to dry. Store the entire unit in a dry location away from sunlight.

  • Each growing cell measures 5 x 4.7 x 5.8cm deep and has a capacity of 0.1 litres
  • Dimensions when assembled: 37.5cm (15″) Long 23cm (9″) Wide 16cm (6.25″) High
  • Contents:
    • reservoir tray
    • support platform
    • capillary matting
    • 24-cell growing tray
    • clear propagator cover
    • instructions for use