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Guaranteed Safety and Quality


The 250W Magnetic Ballast is a high quality ballast that allows you to switch on HPS lamps, MH lamps and AGRO lamps. The ignition unit consists of a thermal protection and a capacitor that allows the use of the lamps listed above for cultivation, guaranteeing their prolonged use throughout their life cycle.

The magnetic ignition systems are closed to provide greater isolation and safety. The power supplies are easily wired, thanks to its screw terminals on the front.

Guaranteed Safety and Quality: Suitable for lighting discharge bulbs for indoor cultivation:

  • 250 watt HPS bulbs of any brand per bloom
  • 250w MH bulbs of any brand for growth
  • AGRO 250w bulbs of any brand for growth and flowering

Technical features:

  • Lamp type: mh-hps-agro
  • Watt: 250 W
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Power Supply Type: Magnetic
  • Place of assembly: Italy


  • High current intensity element
  • Do not touch the power supply when the power plug is inserted into the socket
  • Keep away from children, animals and heat sources
  • Use the product in rooms with adequate ventilation
  • For the wiring we recommend the intervention of a specialized technician



Ballast Type Magnetico
Manufacturer Generico
Watt 250 W
Warranty 2 Anni Years
Volt  220/230V Volt