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These versatile, highly effective devices will ensure you achieve your goals when used in vertical farming applications. From propagation factories and nurseries, climate chambers, warehouse farms, containers, among others, the Lumatek VF range will provide the adequate light quality spectral and photon flux levels you need. The VF90W comprises three 30W LED bars with 4000K White and 3000K Warm White diodes, with a total PPF output of 244 μmol / s and an efficacy of 2.4 μmol / J. The VF range already includes the new technology

Clear Glue protection cover on the LED bars

99% higher light transmission without light loss, extended diode life, higher corrosion resistance and high waterproofness of IP65.

For basic maintenance, simply wipe the bars with damp cotton. The fixture requires a 650W driver (sold separately) which can operate up to 7 VF90W fixtures per unit and can be dimmed with a 0-10V Light Dimmer (also sold separately) or controlled externally with our Digital Panel Plus 2.0 or any other 0-10V universal regulator.

Features VF LED 90W:

  • Effectiveness of 2.4 µmol / J – PPF of 244 µmol / s
  • Includes three 30W LED bars attached to the frame
  • Upper compartment LED White 4000K and Warm White 3000K
  • External control with Lumatek
  • Control Panel Plus 2.0 or
  • Universal Controller 0-10V
  • Fully dimmable series connection option
  • High heat dissipation
  • Shorten the growth cycle of plants
  • Powered by a separately sold 650W driver, which can run up to 7 VF90W devices
  • Easy to use Plug & Play assembly
  • IP65 water and dust resistant rating
  • 3 year guarantee



LED type Bar LED
Manufacturer Lumatek
Watt 90 W