Lumatek Twin 2x600w Dimmable power supply


Lumatek TWIN 2x600w Dimmable electronic ballast, is able to power two 600w MH / HPS lamps independently of each other. Thanks to the DIMMER knobs installed on the power supply, it is possible to adjust the wattage intensity of the lamps in 4 different positions (250w, 400w, 600w, 660wSL). The TWIN LUMATEK power supply has been designed to illuminate larger areas only with a single device, facilitating wiring and connections. The LUMATEK dimmable electronic ballasts are new generation power supplies, able to adjust the lumen intensity according to the desired needs. The LUMATEK range of electronic ballasts carves one of the first places on the market for performance and longevity of your MH / HPS lamps

Technical specifications Lumatek Twin 2x600w Dimmable

power supply 30% higher lumen output than a traditional power supply while consuming less electricity and producing much less heat. The Superlumen position (660wSL) increases the lamp output by an extra 10%.

  • Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 510 x 114 x 81
  • Case: Thin tempered aluminum
  • Dimming Range (W): 250W – 400W – 600W – 600SL (Super Lumen boost to 660W)
  • Main power supply voltages: 240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Input Current (A): 3.0 (x 2)
  • Power consumption (W): 380-424 – 635-695 (x2)
  • Output power (W): 360-400 – 600-660 (x 2)
  • Operating frequency (KHz): <90
  • Power factor: 0.99 THD (%): <8 Efficiency (%): 95
  • Mains Voltage Range (V): 175-275
  • Temperature: Able to operate at full load in ambient temperature -25C to 40C.
  • Humidity: able to operate in relative humidity from 0% to 90%.



Ballast Type Elettronico Dimmerabile
Manufacturer Lumatek
Watt 2×600 W
Warranty 2 Years
Dimmer Si
Dim Yes