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With advances in technology and device performance, high quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option that offers a significant return on investment for growers. Lumatek Full Spectrum Horticulture LED Solutions balance the quality of light (spectra) with the amount of light (intensity and duration) sufficient to provide single source illumination for the entire growing cycle from the growing season to the growing season. flowering.

The higher specification Lumatek Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED is a linear multiple bar fixture that produces a very high PPF of 1353 umol / s and a photonic efficacy (luminaire efficiency) of 2.7 µmol / J.

The LED array creates an even spread of light a short distance from the crop allowing single source grow lighting for multi-layer grow systems, single benches in low rooms and grow tents.

The Zeus is built using high quality Lumatek drivers and top bin LEDs from LUMLED and Osram which generate a full spectrum light source ideal for flowering and vegetation cycles.

For different cultivars, periods of propagation and vegetative growth, Zeus can be darkened without losing efficiency. The high efficiency, low power LED configuration with five 93W LED bars reduces the temperature of the LEDs by increasing the output and improving the maintenance of the light.

The Zeus luminaire can also be controlled externally with a Lumatek digital lighting controller with automatic brightness adjustment, safety temperature control, sunrise and sunset modes for up to 100 projectors per controller.

Compatibility of universal control systems

Lumatek Zeus LED devices can be fully controlled with the Lumatek digital panel or any other control system that uses a 0-10V output signal. Even though the universal controller has an RJ port interface, it is still possible to operate our LEDs using an RJ signal converter to 0-10V control adapter.

Compared to normal open HPS / MH solutions, Zeus can achieve 30-40% less HVAC capacity.


  • Very high efficacy 2.9 µmol / s / J 
  • High PPF output for 1353 µmol / s at high intensity 
  • High quality Lumatek LED driver 
  • Upper compartment LED 
  • Full balanced spectrum 
  • External control with Lumatek control panel 
  • Replaceable 93W magnetic light bars 
  • Fully dimmable 
  • Easy to use
  • Plug & Play assembly 
  • Detachable driver for remote use

What is included:

  • 5 Lumatek 93W Pro Full Spectrum Magnet Light Bars
  • 1 x Lumatek 465W Driver with connecting cables
  • 1 x LED structure with connecting cables
  • 1 x 0-10V light dimmer + velcro
  • 2 metal cable hooks
  • 1 x manual



LED type Bar LED
Manufacturer Lumatek
Watt 465 W