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Perfect for growing high quality produce with heat close to sunlight


Lumatek’s 630W CMH Controllable Ballast uses high frequency technology to efficiently operate 630W double ended metal halide (DE) lamps (also known as CMH / CDM / LEC). CMH technology creates high energy PAR / PPF levels with full spectrum low heat, closer to sunlight and produces healthier plant growth and higher yield. With a CRI (color rendering index)> 90%, CMH is perfect for growing high quality produce and extracting essential oil. This power supply must be used with the 630W Lumatek DE CMH lamp (4200K daylight and 3100K Agro available)

For safety reasons, this power supply uses full circuit protection including open circuit / short circuit, over temperature, over / low voltage, end of life / lamp rectification and EMI suppression. The new addition of the control functionality allows you to easily monitor and adjust the grow environment (Timming of lighting, sunrise / sunset, 1% digital dimming, etc.). Simply connect the Lumatek digital panel (sold separately) to the TRS “Link” port on the controllable power supply.

Control connection cable of 5 meters included.

Lumatek’s 630W CMH Controllable Power Supply at a glance:

  • use with 630 W DE CMH lamps
  • you will not hear any audible noise, no flickering
  • full circuit protection; open / short, over temperature, over voltage / low voltage, end of lamp life / rectification
  • certified EMI suppression

Technical features:

  • Voltage 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Input current Max (A) 3.2 A
  • Power of input 668 W
  • Power of 630 W output
  • Power factor> 0.97 95% efficiency
  • Voltage range 185 to 275 V
  • THD <10% Dimmer 80% – 90% – 100%
  • CF <1.7
  • High frequency operating frequency
  • Ambient temperature for full load operation 40 ℃
  • Case temperature rise (Δt)) 30 ℃
  • IP ballast rated IP20 
  • Humidity 90%
  • Dimensions 320 x 114 x 81mm
  • Weight 3.8 kg
  • Electronic ballast



Manufacturer Lumatek
Watt 630 W
Warranty 5 Anni Years
Volt  315 Volt
Weight 2500 Kg