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More lumens while using less electricity

Lumatek digital ballasts are the most advanced lighting solution for modern horticulture. Small, compact, and completely silent these E-Ballasts are able to deliver more lumens (by 30%) while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts.

The market’s most popular and best digital ballast.

Unlike traditional ‘core and coil’ magnetic ballasts, Lumateks are microprocessor-controlled and able to evaluate and compensate for the actual state of lamp degradation and voltage fluctuations in power supply from your local grid. This means that Lumateks are able to provide a precise controlled output voltage to the lamp ensuring optimum PAR levels are achieved.

Now dimmable with SUPER LUMENS switch! The Lumatek eballast is a performance leader.

  • The NEW 1000w Lumatek Ballast features Dial-A-Watt technology that gives you the following 4 advantages:
  • Multi-Wattage – Now you can power 3 different wattages (600w, 750w & 1000w) of lamps (HPS or MH).
  • Dimmable – Dimming can be a great way to deal with heat issues in your garden. When dimming a lamp, it is important to remember that you can only go down in wattage. For example, a 1000w lamp can be dimmed to 600w, but you cannot increase the power of a 600w lamp to a 1000w.
  • Super Lumens – Up to 30% more light at the crank of a dial. The Super Lumens feature can only be used with the highest rated wattage lamp for your ballast.
  • Go Green – With each setting on your Dial-A-Watt Ballast, both the input and output power change. This is a great feature if you want to save energy when your plants are young and you need less light (uses 25% less energy at the 750w setting than it would at 1000w).

Unique Features:

  • Completely silent (no humming – no vibration)
  • Small compact design – under 16 lbs.
  • Dimmable. Allows light brightness to be turned down, or turned up to the Super Lumens setting.
  • Longer Bulb Life – Lumen output loss over time, with the correct lamp, is dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts.
  • Multi-Wattage (read instructions before use). Ballast powers a 1000 watt, 750 watt, or 600 watt bulb.
  • Operate both metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. No changes are required.
  • Up to 30% MORE LUMENS; faster growth, bigger harvests.
  • Unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling. No cooling fan necessary means fewer moving parts.
  • Internal resin coating protects components for a long life.
  • External breaker system protects against power surges.
  • Generator compatible.
  • Fast Start-up – It reaches full brightness in under one minute; magnetic ballasts typically take about twenty minutes.
  • Produce Less Heat – Less heat generated by the ballasts allows cooler running of the environment. Less heat is less wasted electricity.
  • Cuts off when a short is detected. For ultimate safety.