B’cuzz Silic Boost 100ml



B’cuzz Silic Boost

One of the most common elements in soil is silicon (Si). However, most of this silicone is not available to plants. Plant-available silicon has a plant-strengthening effect, making the plant less susceptible to abiotic stresses such as heat and drought. B’cuzz Silic Boost is a stable silicon product in a plant available form. This makes it an excellent addition to the growth plan.

Silicon regulates the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. This regulation ensures that the nutrients are absorbed in the right proportions. It also allows for more efficient use of elements such as phosphorus (P).

Phosphorus in particular is essential for root, flower and fruit formation. A balanced diet with an ideal nutrient ratio also supports optimal plant development.

The plant deposits silicon in the stem and outer layer of the leaves, strengthening that part of the plant. The reinforced parts can then carry more weight and are more difficult to penetrate by external factors.

The deposition of silicon in the stem is a simple but effective mechanism that affects resistance almost immediately. This contrasts with the beneficial effect on resistance often attributed to nutrients such as potassium or phosphorus.

The nice thing is that the effect of silicon and the other nutrients on resistance is complementary. The addition of silicon increases resilience on top of the resilience already present in a balanced diet.


0.1 ml B’cuzz Silic Boost per liter of nutrient solution.

grow tips

Store at room temperature. Shake well before use. Not for human consumption. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused in accordance with our terms and conditions. Limited shelf life after opening.


  • stronger plant
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • More resistant to stressors